B-9 Chaise

Price starts from £3,000

The essence of glamour should be present throughout your home. You should indulge in pieces that will compliment every other aspect of your life.

The B-9 chaise lounge is a statement piece, breathing sophistication. Your eyes will be exploring the grandeur and beauty of the stunning lines. When it comes to lounging on the B-9 you will be the epitome of style.

The exclusive B-9 Chaise Lounge collection is limited to 200 pieces.

Full option and pricing lists disclosed during private consultation.

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Design Inspiration

Recline with a book or position yourself on the end whilst entertaining and engaging with your friends, this is a versatile piece for the modern person.

The inspiration behind this B-9 collection comes from the solid, silent existence of the infrastructure that surrounds one in a cityscape. The idea of buildings and bridges showcasing their industrial skeletons is echoed through the geometric shapes of the frame.


Aesthetics & Ergonomics

The B-9 Chaise Lounge perfectly complements the B-9 armchair and follows the industrial aesthetic. Present in this design style you can see how the elements of a grand bridge are mimicked, as the middle arch flows up from the anchor point and mirrors the opposing legs.

The back rest is positioned with a tilt, allowing for a comfortable reclining position whilst just enough to sit upright should you desire. At the same seating height as the B-9 Armchair, you will be in the ideal position to perch with your legs over the edge, should you desire.


Every chaise lounge frame is hand built in Nottingham, England. Because every B-9 Chaise Lounge is hand made to order we have the ability to tailor a specific look so that every lounge chair meets your individual requirements.

The aluminium frame is cut to size, as a foot press then creates the glorious curves. Once the frame has passed Andrew S. Johnson’s exact standards it is then machine polished. It is a precise process and ensures that we can provide our clients with the very highest quality finish.

Each stitch is exquisitely performed. As our leathers age they gather little lines, adding to the character of the lounge chairs and showing that they have been truly loved. The B-9 is a piece to be passed from generation to generation. We currently offer a smooth finish or a textured quilted finish, if you have a certain style request please contact us for a consultation.


  • Material: Aluminium
Frame Finish: Polished silver, Powder coat Black, Powder coat metal grey
  • Fabric: A selection of aniline leathers and suedes
  • Quantity: 200 units
Production Time: 4 months
  • Length: 1797mm
  • Width: 800mm
  • Height: 1094mm

Quality Control

These lounge chairs are crafted by hand and this adds to the character. Our quality control checks are done through the whole process of a build, ensuring attention to the smallest of finishing details. Only once the frame is finished and has passed all of our intensive checks will it begin the upholstery stage of the build. Every part of the upholstery is tailored to one specific lounge chair to ensure the perfect fit and feel.

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